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Alexander Tereshenko
By Alexander Tereshenko #outsourcing August 7, 2017

Entrepreneurs are a special group of people. They are known for their vision, passion, grit and can-do attitude. However, as your business expands, the same qualities which can catapult you into the promise land can put a cap on your growth because a lot of CEO’s hold on tight to the early days when they were solo acts doing everything themselves. But, thankfully, times have changed. You have evolved from a soloist to conductor of an orchestra. Just like no musician can play every single instrument in the orchestra simultaneously, you cannot complete all of your business tasks yourself. Here are 3 reasons why virtual assistant services will get you to the business promiseland faster than anything else.

VA’s encourage communication as a channel for growth

Is your inbox overflowing with e-mails? Are your employees always in your ear about something they e-mailed you last week? Do you realize the negative business effects of communication lapses, delays in feedback and replying to e-mails? You can hire virtual assistant to serve as air traffic controllers for your correspondence and outreach. They can hold you accountable for communicating clearly, timely and professionally. This will increase employee engagement, boosts operational performance and keeps your workable strategies alive.

A competent and responsible virtual assistant will serve as your representative which will encourage the organizational structural growth of your business.

VA’s ignite innovation and big-picture thinking

CEOs who are engulfed with an array of low-value tasks find themselves essentially lost in the weeds of a long list of tasks. This clouds their view and obstructs their vision which can be detrimental to the long term success of their business. Delegating responsibility can be difficult for leaders but it is something they must do to break old habits on how to get work done. One reason it is difficult to delegate responsibility is because by performing tasks themselves, they feel peace of mind. This is why lots of CEOs still book travel themselves or buy stationery for the office.

This is where virtual assistants can really make a difference. They can help stubborn executives increase their work bandwidth so they can focus on running their business. The virtual assistant’s expertise in organization, communication and planning can help take the burden of the executives daily routine. This includes managing his/her calendar, booking massages, travel etc.

Strike that elusive work-life balance

If you think your smartphone is an indispensable tool, your virtual assistant is an absolute must have have for busy executives. In fact, after working with a virtual assistant you will wonder how you ever got along without one. For example, consider all of the incidental tasks. An executive would have to balance holding the quarterly sales meeting and signing off on the corporate strategy while at the same remembering to write holiday cards and do travel research. An agile and nimble personal assistant from one of the best virtual assistant companies can manage the personal tasks you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. Don’t think of this as work-life balance, but rather work-life enrichment.

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